Monday, 4 September 2017

Week Five

In Week Five of the competition we have had hardly any of our teams in action and this is all down to the World Cup Qualifying Group Rounds. We did have the English Leagues One and Two in action and the results are as below. Next weekend we will have our first Rollover of the season and a Cash Jackpot worth £12.

As there were no games in midweek due to the World Cup Qualifying Group Rounds  the race for the cash has remained as with last weeks sheet.
Leading the pack we have  JULIE SOMERVILLE who has Aston Villa, Celtic and Reading with a total of 21 goals.  In Second place we have LUCIFER on 20 goals. In joint third place both on 19 goals we have TONY GUY (2) and DAVE WOOD. In fourth place all on 18 goals we have SIMON DICKINSON, MATT DORAN, TONY KING,  AMANDA MORRISON, GRAHAM PHILLIPS and JAMES PLATT.

We had seventeen of our teams in action over the weekend and they were from the English Leagues One and Two. Out of them nine failed to score any goals. The Highest score over the weekend was four goals and they came from CHARLTON in League One.
CHARLTON started with Golden Goals in our second season of 1984/85 where they were our 38th English team to enter the competition and they finished on a score of 49 goals. This is their twenty-eighth Season with us and this is their eleventh consecutive season. Last season they finished on a total of 64 goals. Their highest score came in the 1997/98 Season with 91 goals. This season they have just two votes and a total of 14 goals. Over the seasons they have netted a total of  1695 which gives them an average score of 60 goals per season to date.

PETERBOROUGH are still top here after they drew 0-0 away to DONCASTER. As Borough pick up their first blank of the season, Doncaster picked up their third and now two in a row. Charlton moved in to third place after their win, SCUNTHORPE are in third place as they win 1-0 away to Bury. Scunthorpe are now on 11 goals. Wigan have moved down to fifth place as they had no game with BRADFORD in sixth as they win 3-1 at home to Bristol Rovers. Bradford take their goals tally to 11 goals. MK DONS have picked up another goal to give them a total of 5 goals as they drew 1-1 at home to Oxford. SOUTHEND picked up their third blank of the season as they drew 0-0 at home to Rochdale. PLYMOUTH are on a total of 5 goals as they lost 2-1 away to Walsall. PORTSMOUTH lost 1-0 away to Rotherham and that was their second blank of the season.

EXETER have remained in  top place here as they won 1-0 at home to Newport. Exeter picked up goal number nine. LUTON are our next team in sixth place as they drew 0-0 away to LINCOLN CITY. Luton have now had three blank score sheets to Lincoln’s  two. COLCHESTER picked up their second blank of the season as they lost 1-0 away to Cambridge Utd.  MANSFIELD are now on 8 goals as drew 1-1 away to Carlisle while COVENTRY picked up their third blank and now three in a row as they drew 0-0 away to Chesterfield. FOREST GREEN lost 3-1 away to Wycombe and they are now on 8 goals. PORT VALE lost 1-0 at home to Notts County and that was their third blank and they have now failed to score in their last three games.

OUR BEST THREE TEAMS this week with Golden Goals are

RAITH ROVERS (21) FALKIRK (18) LEEDS UTD (16) Total of 55 goals


CRYSTAL PALACE (2) EVERTON (2) BOURNEMOUTH (3) Total of 7 goals 

Our Best team is still  FALKIRK after they have scored in all of their nine League and Cup games with 18 goals.

ELGIN CITY have picked up the most number of blank score sheets with four in eight games played to date.

Our highest goal scoring team in our 35th Season is LUTON from League Two. They picked up our highest score in week one as they win 8-2 at home to Yeovil in their first league game of the season.

GARY BOLBERY is now celebrating his fourth consecutive weekend at the top but his combination of Celtic, Chelsea and Raith Rovers had no games all week. With still just a goal in front again this week from Guy Dowsett (2) who has Celtic, Leeds Utd and Manchester United, will we have a new leader next week?
At the other end at 149 we have KAREN SMITH again this weekend and it’s her second weekend and now three for the season. Again Karen had none of her teams in action this week and they are  Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham. 

       THIS      LAST                                                       M/WEEK       W/END        TOTAL
       WEEK     WEEK             NAME                             GOALS         GOALS        GOALS

           1            -                  G. BOLBERY                         15                   25                  40
            2                 -                 G. DOWSETT (2)                  15                   24                  39
            3                 10              B. BARNES (3)                      9                     28                  37
            4                 7                J. PLATT                                18                   19                  37
            5                 3                J. WEARDEN                         6                     30                 36
            6                 4                M. LIDDLE                            7                     29                  36
            7                 5                T. SKINNER                          14                   22                  36
            8                 6                S. DICKINSON                     18                   18                  36                      
            9                 8                JULIE SOMERVILLE           21                   15                  36
             10              12              A. BEW                                  12                   22                  34